Times School of Journalism


PGDJ (English):  Rs 2,70,000 (Service Tax @ 14%and applicable surcharge(s) extra) + Caution Money: Rs 10,000 (Refundable)


Schedule of payment: On admission: Rs 1,00,000

                                       First instalment: 50% of the balance amount - to be paid within 30 days of admission

                                       Second & Final Instalment: Remaining 50% - to be paid within 2 month of admission





Various PSU & Private Banks provide education loans to our students. Those requiring any help in getting education loan are requested to contact TSJ Administrative Officer Mr. Arun Chatterjee - arun.chatterjee@timesgroup.com for procedural formalities.

Note: Reasonable grace period will be given to those who are applying for education loans or those with genuine funding problems. In such cases, documentary proof has to be submitted to us. The decision to extend the payment date will be taken on a case to case basis - with the final decision resting with the management.



No fee will be refunded under any circumstances.

Note: Course fees are subject to revision. Expenses on consumables for personal use like stationery items (paper, note books, pens etc), storage media like CD/DVD/Pen-drive/Magnetic Tapes etc, will borne by students directly.