Times School of Journalism


The bigger the better is an adage that finds acceptability where quantity is the sole parameter. But when it comes to quality, sheer numbers do not mean anything. We at TSJ focus on quality than quantity and this is evident from the very small batch size we focus on. The Class of 2013-14 has 36 students, Class of 2012-13 had 27 students and only 35 Diplomas were awarded in 2011-12.


No wonder then TSJ students are much in demand with the best ones in the batch bagging job offers within Times Group and outside - even before they embark on their  intensive hands-on training across various Times and non-Times Group newsrooms.


As part of their intense training, students produce a series of publications in magazine and broadsheet formats, apart from producing videos and on-line content. These in-house journals give students the much needed edge when they go for internship at various newsrooms, making them hit the shop floor running. Some of the publications brought out by students of the 2012-13 and 2013-14 batch can be seen below:




(Click on the title to watch the videos)

 1) The Story of E-Rickshaws in Delhi



2) NSD Bharat Rang Mahotsav 



3) Ittar - the perfume of Kings



4) Karim's: The King of Mughlai Food    






 Broadsheet Newspaper: TSJ-Post (February 2014 issue)

 Photo Magazine: TSJ-In Focus (January 2014 issue)


 Tabloid (Delhi Election Special): TSJ-Post (November 2013 issue)



  Magazine: TSJ-Quest (November 2013 issue)


Magazine (Festival Issue): TSJ-Utsav (October 2013 issue)


 Magazine: TSJ-Quest (November 2012 issue)


Broadsheet (Special Issue on India International Trade Fair, November-2012): The Fair Pages

Magazine: TSJ-Quest (January 2013 issue)





Broadsheet (Special Issue on Delhi: My City, January-2013): Made in Delhi



Magazine: TSJ-Quest (February 2013 issue)